How Marketing Builds Future Exit Value

The Step-by-Step Guide on how marketing can show buyers that your business is worth more than the competition.

Founding or buying a business, building value and selling it on is the ultimate goal for many of the business leaders we work with: not just growth for growth’s sake.

Marketing plays an important part in this process, and should be integrated into every aspect or step of your business’ growth story, from when you first craft your brand vision to when you exit the company. Doing so is the key to building business value.

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"Say no to the things that keep you on a certain level and say yes to the things that keep you moving on."

Brian Honigman, Honigman Media20

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn:

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What's marketing got to do with selling a business?


Finding your asking price.


How your business' brand, employer brand, products, services and future routes to market can be scaled up to drive future revenues.

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