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How Marketing Helps Businesses Weather Economic Uncertainty

Step-by-Step Guide to preparing and securing your business for volatile markets.

“Interesting times” mean trouble for societies, economies, governments and businesses alike. The last few years have seen continued uncertainty around Britain’s future in the EU, political and military turmoil, global pandemics, supply chain disruption, the re-emergence of inflation, labour challenges - not to mention global disruption from big data and the rise of artificial intelligence technology. It’s definitely… “interesting.”

In this guide, we will outline the marketing activities that will prepare your business for times of economic uncertainty. Looking after your customers will ensure they don’t lose confidence in your business and brand. Focusing on your pricing strategy will make it more likely that you will keep them buying from you. Keeping firm control over your positioning, people and brand will help you stay ahead of marketplace challenges.

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"No matter what the economic situation may be, the fundamentals of good business don't change - and right now, they're more important than ever."

In this step by step guide, we will outline the marketing activities that will prepare your business for economic uncertainty


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Prepare for change by looking after your customers.


Price perception: offer consistent value.


Core elements of good business: positioning, people and brand.


What not to do in challenging times.


Conclusion: let go of fear.

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