Zoe Versfeld

Zoe Versfeld

Role: Marketing Director
Region: Western Cape

Zoe is versatile and results-driven with a proven ability to effectively develop, manage and execute integrated marketing strategies and campaigns, which deliver results to the business.

She is experienced in both B2B and B2C marketing having worked across a broad spectrum of brands ranging from banking and insurance to food and beverage, hospitality, tele-communications, retail and service brands.

Her passion lies in driving a customer-focused approach to deliver short-term wins, while building long-term brand superiority and impact for a competitive advantage. She believes that ”even small changes hold great potential…especially if mistakes are costly”.

Zoe's background includes Global and South African provincial senior marketing roles for Standard Bank Group in both the Investment Banking and Retail businesses. And her experience includes 10 years as group account director for brands including Discovery Holdings, SABMiller, Appletiser, Southern Sun, Virgin Mobile, Wimpy, Cardies and Homecoming Revolution.

On a personal note, when Zoe is not working she enjoys good food, great wine and balancing this out with lots of outdoor family time.


Standard Bank Investment Banking 
Led the development and implementation of the Global Investment Banking marketing & communication strategy across geographies.
The strategy resulted in the business leading in current and most frequent claimed usage, an increase in conversion rates and in customer loyalty.
A key project was segmentation and client mapping to develop various platforms and touchpoints to enable the business teams to close billions of Rands worth of business.

Standard Bank Personal and Business Banking
Developed the South Africa provincial marketing & communication strategy which needed to allow for provincial nuances to ensure maximum return for each provincial business.
Led the provincial marketing teams across the country to implement the strategy and ensure maximum return on investment.
This resulted in an improved return on marketing funds of up to 70% in some provinces.

Discovery Holdings (Discovery Health, Discovery Vitality, Discovery Life, Discovery Card, Discovery Insure)
Managed the Discovery Holdings advertising account from strategy through to creative, production and research.
Each Discovery business required a unique approach while ensuring consistency across the business and brand.

Created a burst strategy focusing on the key celebrations throughout the year, resulting in an increase of in-store activity and sales between 30% and 55% during these bursts.

Business insights
by Zoe Versfeld

29 April 2020

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