What’s your Marketing Maturity Score?

10 minutes to see how you score

Find out how your marketing measures up using the Marketing 360 Assessment to give your Marketing Maturity Score. You’ll receive a bespoke report that shows what’s going well, and what’s not quite so healthy, with recommendations for improvements, hints and tips. No hard sell just clear no-nonsense business marketing advice.


Complete the questions by selecting one of five responses. You will be guided through each of the 12 cells of the Marketing 360 framework.


You can move between the sections and questions as you wish. You will see your progress at the bottom of your screen.


You will see a summary of your results giving an overview of your performance and your overall Marketing Maturity score.


Your detailed report including your personalised action plan will be sent straight to your inbox.

Your guide to improved marketing performance
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Many businesses know they need to improve their marketing performance but are uncertain which questions to ask or exactly where to start. The Marketing 360 Assessment will show the way.

Take a look inside the report

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What is the Marketing 360 Assessment?

Business owners often get very confused about marketing and who can blame them? They listen to marketing consultants bombarding them with jargon, their sales team saying, ‘relax we’ve got marketing covered’, and people constantly trying to sell them a new shiny golden fleece at every turn. It’s difficult to know who to believe.

The Marketing Centre approach strips out all the padding and waffle and summarises our view of marketing in a simple framework we call the Marketing 360.

Our Marketing 360 evaluates your marketing against the four fundamental functions of marketing within a business:


The Marketing 360 Assessment


It’s common sense really. That’s why our Marketing Directors return to our Marketing 360 framework again and again. It provides a road map, a checklist, a view of what else is impacted and most importantly a progress check of what has been achieved.

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"Working with The Marketing Centre has been a cost effective and flexible way of getting the right type of person with the right expertise within our organisation. Following The Marketing Centre’s 360 marketing appraisal of our business, we now have a clear direction as to where to take the business over the next few years."


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“10 minutes with The Marketing 360 gave a really valuable insight into how we were doing on the marketing front. The report came back almost immediately and not only confirmed many of my thoughts but also gave a number of key pointers on how we could move forward to make our marketing more effective.”
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“The Marketing 360 assessment identified that as a management team we were aligned in our thinking about our weakness in marketing. The 360 report is a great way of seeing where the gaps are and how we can set about improving. There’s also the opportunity to revisit and assess how we have improved over time.”

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We really hope you find our Marketing 360 Assessment helpful – we created it with the sole purpose of being a useful tool for helping your marketing drive measurable business growth.

If you have any questions or need some help please contact us.