Case study

GreatSoft: Case Study

GreatSoft are an award winning Software Development Company that provide cutting edge cloud based software to professionals.


  • Target of 10 new leads per month, but no plan how to achieve that target.
  • Currently 4 new leads per month.
  • Focus on reactive selling.
  • No proactive lead generation system.
  • No sales pipeline.
  • Marketing strategy was not efficiently conceived or executed.
  • No segmentation of customers.
  • Customer rating of 2/5 for marketing “dissatisfied” customer base.
  • Very product focussed.
  • No sales management function.
  • Website was simply a brochure and did not generate any leads.
  • No database marketing.





  • Key market segment identified and quantified.
  • Monthly targeted and tailored. communication to each of the various market segments.
  • Monthly segment-targeted communicated to specific segments.
  • Creation of lead generation and qualification strategy.
  • Development of turnover based sales and marketing strategy.
  • Establishment of marketing and sales strategy mentoring program.
  • Development of key USP’s for the brand to move focus from product to brand.
  • Development of world class website as “lead hub”.
  • Digital strategy to drive traffic to “lead hub”.


Greatsoft 1




450% increase in qualified leads.

Win back of 18% of clients lost in the previous 2 years.


68% overall increase in turnover.


Churn rate reduced by 56% from 8% to 3.5%.

"Thank you for your contribution that helped GreatSoft win the FNB Business Innovation Award."
Bruce Morgan, CEO, GreatSoft

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