Este Pretorius

Este Pretorius

Role: Marketing Director
Region: Gauteng

Este specialises in finding and converting leads into buyers, and buyers into lifelong ambassadors for your brand. As the only internationally certified Customer Acquisition specialist in South Africa, Este understands both the science and the psychology behind the sale, and uses her experience in both areas to help businesses improve the number and quality of their leads, and the rate at which they convert.


Holleys Fine Foods
Support of Marketing Director with all related marketing requirements
Development of full client journeys, development of subsequent dashboards and integration of HubSpot and GA4
Development and implementation of subsequent required marketing campaigns needed to close identified gaps and increase client revenue and satisfaction
Web optimisation – content, creative and design
Planning, developing and implementing full internal and external workflows, with required marketing assets and subsequent task assignments in HubSpot
Content review – email, social etc

Support of Marketing Director with all related marketing requirements
Sourcing of all suppliers for website redevelopment
Project management of full website redevelopment – content, design, development
Management of LinkedIn page and content
HubSpot integration optimisation
Content research identifying trending topics, copy for website, SEO and keywords
LinkedIn training to internal teams

LinkedIn Services:
LinkedIn lead generation
LinkedIn content creation and page management
LinkedIn Social Selling Training
LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn profile and page redevelopment:

Lead generation funnels:
Planning, content, tech integrations, lead magnet development, advertising, email implementation, list development and hygiene, platform management 

Vendor alliances, partner enablement, marketing strategy development & implementation, training platform development & implementation, funnel development & implementation, account-based marketing, content & email marketing, CRM implementation, workflow development & implementation, PPC advertising, email platform integration.

Banking, IT, Retail, Consumer, Wholesale, Coaching, Telecommunications, SaaS, Consulting, Engineering,
B2B and B2C

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