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The Science of Scale - How to get Growth without Guesswork

Hope you enjoy watching this webinar and find it useful

Hosted by Este Pretorius, the Marketing Centre’s LinkedIn expert and respected lead generation specialist, this 60-minute presentation unpacks the complexities of the LinkedIn algorithm in easy-to-digest language that every business leader, marketer, entrepreneur and coach will understand.

Here’s a little of what you’ll learn:

  • How hashtags work (and how not using them properly can decrease your reach by 40%)
  • Why dwell time is so important (and the types of posts that increase it)
  • What happened to the Golden Hour (and how not taking advantage negates 40% of your effort)
  • How and when to use links (and why not doing it right affects your posts)
  • Why we love viral actions (and how they can boost a post’s reach by up to 50%)

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