Case study

Bitzer: Case Study

Industrial Client Supplying a Key Component to the Refrigeration Industry


  • Focus on reactive selling.
  • No knowledge of product's end user.
  • No research.
  • Flighting of monthly “consumer style” ads in trade journals.
  • No segmentation of customers.
  • Customer rating of 1/5 for marketing “Very dissatisfied” customer base.
  • Very product focused.
  • Direct sales only.
  • No sales management function.
  • High risk as >70% of branch sales in each of the two major branches went through 1 sales rep.
  • Front counter had no products, and no indication of their range.


Screenshot 2018-10-11 11.06.48



  • Implementation of database marketing strategy into Africa.
  • Sourcing of national distributor to carry the client’s products (for the first time).
  • New client becomes biggest client within the space of one year.
  • Implemented monthly customer training (aka relationship building).
  • Development of tradeshow strategy to drive Africa sales.
  • Ongoing customer research to ensure efficient customer engagements.
  • Development of various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Launch of 2 new value added services.
  • Creation of industry leading in-house sales frontage.


Screenshot 2018-10-11 11.14.23




87% increase in specific brand requested.

Client rating for “Marketing” up from 1/5 to 4/5 in first year.


Industry recognition for marketing improvement.


312% more interaction with key client segments.

47% increase in turnover in key client segments.

"Ultimately, the only thing that matters is the bottom line."
Joel Serman, Part-Time Marketing Director

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