Case study

CISA: Case Study

CISA plateaued three years ago, experienced some client loss and was not having success acquiring new business.


  • Focus on reactive selling.
  • No proactive lead generation system.
  • No sales pipeline.
  • Marketing strategy was not efficiently conceived or executed.
  • No segmentation of customers.
  • No database marketing.
  • No outbound communication.
  • No content marketing.
  • No digital strategy.


CISA Challenge Image



  • Key market segment identified and quantified.
  • Monthly targeted and tailored communication to each of the various market segments.
  • Full digital strategy including SEO, monthly segment-targeted communicated to specific segments.
  • Digital acquisition and retention strategy.
  • Creation of lead generation and qualification strategy.
  • Creation of content marketing strategy.
  • Sales reporting framework.
  • Development of key USP’s for the brand to move focus from product to brand.


CISA Result Image




Brand reach increases by over 350%.

CPM (cost per 1000 people reached) decreasing by 77%.


Monthly reach of over 600,000 people.

Sales into segments we have been tasked to oversee increase by 84%.


Massive following on various channels results in huge monthly reach and engagement at very little cost.

Sales into segments we have been tasked to oversee increase by 84%.

"We wouldn’t have identified a big market that we are starting to win in – we would’ve missed out.

(They are) exceptional – very professional and highly competent individuals. They get the job done and are a pleasure to work with. They have fitted in well and we see them as a part of our team."
Warren Purdue, Managing Director, CISA

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