Case study

Washtub: Laundry Case Study

Washtub is a business that provides specialised industrial laundry services to secondary healthcare and hospitality sectors in Western Cape, South Africa.


  • Strong logo but undeveloped brand identity, no distinct USP or value proposition.
  • One-page website.
  • Internal customer-centric culture but product focused marketing approach.
  • Homogenous target markets sales approach, limited segmentation.
  • ‘Knock on doors’ new business methodology.
  • Relying on word-of-mouth referral and online telephone directory listings for inbound leads.
  • High risk >85% of business generated from the public Healthcare sector.
  • Limited marketing budget.




  • Implemented a customer-centric and benefits-driven marketing strategy focused on solving customer’s problems and adding value.
  • Fine-tuned target markets and profiled their ideal customers and through a detailed understanding of the customer base and profit opportunity.
  • Applied an inbound business. generation strategy and structured sales approach.
  • Launched the brand in the digital space.
  • Introduced email leads nurturing campaign.
  • Gained internal buy-in and implementation throughout the business through ongoing internal workshops and sharing sessions.





150% increase in qualified inbound leads.

68% increase in Facebook Followers.


Secured the business of previously inaccessible premium hospitality clients.

Invited to participate in exclusive invitation-only tender processes in the private healthcare sector.


Attracted the attention of SA’s leading business publication (Entrepreneur Magazine SA) and is featured in the June 2017 issue.

Washtubs founder and managing director selected to participate in Fair Lady’s Women of the Future Awards 2017.

"The words 'Part time' jumped out at me. I liked the idea of the benefit of a Marketing Director, but not full time... I have learned SO much from Carolyn... engaging with someone with huge experience, who is knowledgeable, perceptive and close to my brand."
Shameem Kumandan, Founder and CEO, Washtub

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